Factbox Pages (internal publishing tool)

MOL Fact Boxes into Fact Box Pages

Client: Mail Online

Date: February 12, 2018

Categories: Sketches / UX / Wireframes


Working alongside Mail Online’s internal publishing tool developers and stakeholders, the assignment was to: 

Leverage the popularity of existing fact boxes within articles, turning them into fact box pages that can be re-populated seamlessly across different articles as well as indexed on the MOL website for Google exposure. Ensuring the scalability of fact box pages across different article layouts (i.e. narrow, wide, extra wide). 

Value of UX:

Despite working remotely at the time when the project kicked off, I was able to quickly sketch up the rough idea to adequately support developer colleagues prior to the full exploration of wireframes. Stakeholders can then easily comprehend how the existing static fact boxes would eventually behave responsively within the internal publishing tool.

The wireframes further supported and visually demonstrated how these fact boxes would responsively flow into different sizes across different article widths.


  1. Begin assignment with sketches and questions
  2. Using grayscale flow wireframes to collaborate with team (walking through on screen) and clarify the technical functions within the internal publishing tool, how different sized fact boxes can seamlessly resize into a different width article
  3. Collaborate with developers and understand the relationship of the changes within internal publishing tool on the front end public facing UI
  4. Come up with internal publishing tool UI mockups for developers


  • Project Manager
  • Developers
  • UX Architect – June Lim
  • Product Owners (stakeholders)

UX Activities & Deliverables:

  • Project scoping/ briefing/ kick-off
  • Technical feasibility discussions
  • Sketches & UX Questions
  • Grayscale flow Wireframes for internal team walkthrough
  • UI mockups
  • Implementation UX acceptance testing

Due to confidentiality reasons, this area of my work cannot be featured in my web portfolio. I will be more than happy to present a sample of my work listed above, please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of my homepage.