Fashion Bloc

Client: Fashion Bloc

Date: March 6, 2016

Categories: Expert Review / Prototyping / Surveys / Usability Testing / Wireframes

Within a tight budget, provide UX consultancy to improve responsive website usability & user experience. Client education on the value of UX, website data, quantitative vs qualitative research for this project.


  • Scope project to steer direction
  • Website analytics to identify funnel drop off points
  • Lean personas/ use cases/ demographics/ content
  • Expert review
  • Guerilla usability testing
  • Wireframes/ Designs


  • Fashion Bloc Founder
  • Web developer
  • UX consultant/ designer – June Lim


  • Project direction/ roadmap
  • Expert review findings
  • Usability testing findings
  • Wireframes (clickable wireframes to illustrate flow) / Designs for improvement