I am a UX Architect with more than a decade of experience in the digital field researching and designing across web and mobile apps using human centred design approach.  

Having worked across commercial as well as public sector projects within agency as well as client side environments, I am especially interested in projects that makes a social impact.

I enjoy collaborating with end users, design professionals, stakeholders to understand the gaps in service/ product offering. Nothing makes me happier than when I hear feedback from an end user saying “This has made a difference in improving the way I do things!”.

My approach is to start by:

  • understanding the challenges and needs of the business and their product or service users
  • empathetically teasing out insights and underlying pain points
  • collaborating with a team to come up with hypotheses and sketches
  • validating ideas to come up with suitable solutions

Some of the UX toolkit I employ:
Sketching, mock-ups, wireframing, UX visual design workshops, user journey mapping & analytics, competitor benchmarking, expert reviews, utilise analytics or research findings to deduce hypotheses for optimisation or A/B testing, design style guides/ pattern library.


Some of the Research toolkit I use:
Workshops, stakeholder interviews, one-on-one usability testing (in person/ remote), guerilla testing, card sorting, online surveys, affinity diagramming.