Butlins Project Screen

Butlin’s C.R.O.

Optimise the holiday shopping funnel using UX driven findings and A/B testing


Optimise the holiday shopping funnel.


Increase conversion, decrease drop-offs.


  • UX driven optimisation informed by usability testing and A/B testing findings 
  • Usability testing with 6 participants on live website
  • Client stakeholder debrief & workshop to plan and prioritise A/B testing 
  • On-going A/B testing


  • Lead UX consultant – June Lim
  • Support moderator
  • Accounts team
  • Client’s team


  • Full usability testing report containing severity ratings table
  • Recommendations with mock-ups
  • A/B testing hypotheses
Butlin's Report HypothesisButlins Report Hypothesis
Butlin’s Report Hypothesis

Findings & Approaches

Below are a small sample of findings from usability testing that are labelled Serious and Significant.


  1. Switch from per person to per family costs caused confusion 
  2. ‘Quote’ a misleading term for saved search 
  3. Account creation to save quote off putting  
  4. Reverse opt-in checkboxes off putting 
  5. Unable to amend quote 


  1. Existing IA hindered information finding
  2. Error messages obscured & inconsistent  
  3. Confusing quote validity messaging  
  4. No reason stated for compulsory guest details  
  5. Busy summary page, unusual CTA positioning  

Filtering all the findings, the team identified areas where Butlin’s would benefit from approaching incremental improvements by A/B testing. With the list, the project team worked through and prioritised ideas for testing. Consultants came up with various test options for each test item.

Butlin's CRO test variations
Butlin’s CRO test variations example

Value of Conversion Rate Optimisation:

Over the course of the Conversion Rate Optimisation programme, Butlin’s holiday shopping funnel had seen a steady increment in uptake. The C.R.O. had proven to bring value to the business.

An example would be the summary page optimisation which resulted in an increase in 3.92% conversion that translates to a 6.05% increase in average revenue per visitor.

Butlin's CRO Test Result
Butlin’s CRO Test Result