FashionBloc Project Screen

Fashion Bloc

Provide UX consultancy to improve Fashion Bloc website

Within a tight budget, provide UX consultancy to improve responsive website usability & user experience. Client education on the value of UX, website data, quantitative vs qualitative research for this project.


Despite the budgetary constraints, I was able to demonstrate the value of UX going through below exercises with the product owner. 

Project scoping/ lean personas/ use cases/ demographics/ content

Working with the product owner, we came up with a series of questions to understand the target users, and introduced some personas.

FashionBloc Project Scoping/ Planning

Website analytics to identify funnel drop off points

This was followed by analysing their website traffic data.

Quantitative and Qualitative research

FashionBloc Survey

We looked at and understood the limitations of quantitative vs qualitative research. Then set up an online survey.

Expert Review

Recruit and collaborate with another UX consultant to carry out a 2 person expert review.

Usability Testing

Recommended guerilla usability testing to gather qualitative user insights.

Key Findings:

Below are a short list of key findings from the Expert Review:

  1. Homepage lacked clear proposition to indicate what FashionBloc offers
  2. Problematic IA and labelling labelling – e.g. ‘Trending’ & mixed content of shopable products with editorial content
  3. Problematic currency conversion functions on product page & checkout page. Buggy and compromise trust.
  4. Inventory inaccuracy puts people off – e.g. size only available in S, but sizes of M & others still offered and users were seeing the ‘Buy’ button. This triggered error msg.
  5. Long and laborious forms and payment details page

Above findings were validated by Usability Testing sessions. Richer findings were uncovered during the 5 usability testing session.


Product owner made plans to resolve the significant and serious issues identified in the expert review, supported with usability testing findings and analytics data. The longer term plan was to resolve other issues further down the line in a gradual manner. 

At the point of my departure from the project, the product owner Ieva Zu was looking into identifying a technical co-founder for the business, in hopes to help shape the future of its website.


  • Fashion Bloc Founder
  • Web developer
  • UX consultant/ designer – June Lim


  • Project direction/ roadmap
  • Expert review findings
  • Usability testing findings
  • Wireframes (clickable wireframes to illustrate flow) / Designs for improvement
FashionBloc mobile checkout basket
FashionBloc mobile checkout basket
FashionBloc mobile checkout login
FashionBloc mobile checkout login
FashionBloc mobile checkout Step1
FashionBloc mobile checkout Step1
FashionBloc mobile checkout Step2
FashionBloc mobile checkout Step2

Ieva Zu (Founder and CEO):

“Regarding the findings, I’m sharing with my developer. I already asked him (and other guys who’re responsible for the shopping cart, etc) to look into the check-out and currency issues asap.

I’m thinking to try and solve the significant and serious issues asap and perhaps do the rest gradually.

I’m also looking for a technical co-founder, given I’m lucky to find one, I will indulge into reshaping the website altogether.”