Moneyback Project Screen


Improve user experience for an online Spend Recovery service – leading to remote usability testing, development direction changes, and UI enhancements

Initial Objective:

Expert review & recommend ways to improve user experience for an online Spend Recovery (at the time of working a BETA) service. The initial aim was to look at easy UI changes.


  • UX architect/ consultant – June Lim
  • Developers (Deloitte)
  • Product Owner (Deloitte)
  • Subject Specialist (Deloitte)

Approach & Deliverables:

  • Detailed expert review report and recommendations
  • Debrief with client stakeholders
  • Review user flow/ journeys – sketches and diagrams
  • Stakeholder user flow/ journeys workshop with subject specialist and product owner
  • Remote usability testing (with 2 participants instead of intended 5)
  • Remote usability testing report and recommendations
  • Debrief with stakeholders going through usability testing findings
  • Navigation menu recommendations in sketches/ wireframes/ mockups
  • User interface/ interaction recommendations
  • Prototype (Axure) to explore recommended flow, navigation & interaction

Scope & Challenges:

The project scope was initially to expert review the online service and provide UI recommendations.

  1. Work with an under development web application
  2. Carry out expert review and come up with recommendations for enhancement
  3. Collaborate remotely with Deloitte’s MoneyBack team
  4. Understand a subject that is complex from a layman’s perspective (with subject specialist)

As I got immersed in the project and gained stakeholder trust, I successfully:

  1. Recommend remote usability testing to gather qualitative insights whether the early round of UI recommendations made a difference
  2. Use findings to steer the course on development direction despite resistance from software engineer
  3. Provide visual guidance on UI/ Interaction/ Navigation in absence of a UX visual designer due to tight budget

Expert Review Findings (Highlight):

  • Information architecture leading to navigation issues
  • Inconsistent drop down & CTA behaviours
  • Lack of system feedback
  • Unable to recover from an error action
  • Interlinking functions leading to cognitive load
  • Mismatched field titles and field affordances
  • Layout – double/ triple columns
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Lack of pattern library

Due to confidentiality reasons, this project cannot be featured in my web portfolio. I will be more than happy to talk about this project over a call, please get in touch for a chat.

Project Approach Limitations:

  • With the project budget and time constraints, I was only able to spend approximately 10 days on the project
  • The project team did not get to explore personas and detailed user journey mapping, or storyboards
  • Unable to validate measure and iterate on recommended changes post usability testing.

Project Outcome:

The stakeholders were very pleased with the UX input on the Moneyback project. Due to the budgetary and time constraints, I did not get to see to the next phase of the project. Regardless, the Moneyback spend recovery website has since gone live, an indicator that my UX input has been a positive contribution to the project.

Project Manager feedback:
“June provided user experience subject matter expertise to help with a Deloitte internal project which I project managed.

I cannot be more complimentary about how she approached her work, her listening skills, planning skills, eye for detail, and the way she interacted with the Deloitte team.

Her expert review helped us to significantly improve the user experience of the website we were developing. June also performed remote moderated user testing for us and provided recommendations to the development team which made a difference.”